Aggressive Leather Ink

About Us

Ali here, owner and founder of Aggressive Leather Ink.

A.L.I. was founded in 2012 when Tom and I decided to make our own axe belts. After a few days of gathering supplies, designing, building and making adjustments, our very first axe belts were born. Over the years, we’ve perfected our designs and sold around 400 axe belts, 200 helmet shields, 300 radio straps and many more leather goods for firefighters.

Keeping the tradition of handmade leather goods alive has been a staple of our business for a long time now. I believe there is something valuable about a fellow firefighter designing and making your products by hand. This means no computers or laser engravers are involved in our process. All of our products are made from the highest quality leather. We offer free lifetime repairs because we believe you should only have to buy one product for a 30-year career.

In 2016, I decided to start teaching fellow firefighters this craft. I saw this as an opportunity to pass on this tradition in the fire service. My goal was to create a team of leathersmiths with the same vision. Today there are 5 of us working for A.L.I.

We don’t do this for a profit or else we would let computers do the work for us. We do this to send you into a fire fight with traditional leather goods that represent a piece of how hard you’ve worked to get here and how hard you’re going to work once you’re in the fight.

We look forward to creating something for you.

Our Process

Our process starts with an email to your leathersmith. Please visit our “meet the leathersmiths” page to view products and see descriptions of the products we offer. From there you can email a leathersmith to inquire or place an order.

Your leathersmith will reach out to you within 24 hours to gather details about your order and give you the current wait time for that product. We ask you a series of questions to customize each and every product we offer. Once we are ready to start working on your project, we select your leather and build your piece by hand.

Throughout this process, we send you updated photos so you can see your leather in its various different stages. You don’t pay a dime until you see photos of the finished product and we are ready to ship your leather to you.

We offer a lifetime warranty of free repairs. This does not include additions or repairs caused by misuse. We offer this warranty because we believe in our process and we believe your leather should last you an entire 30-year career.