Aggressive Leather Ink


I went into the Marines straight out of highschool i was in from 2003-08. I got out and started flight training in helicopters. I went to A&P school @sac city on McClellan, those are the(aircraft mechanic’s licenses) from 2010-12. With my electrical background from the military I went into the Avionics side of aircraft maintenance. I started on  ISR platforms for defense contractors and eventually made my way to the CALFIRE aerial firefighting fleet of tankers. I started there in 2016 and have gone from apprentice tech to journey and now lead avionics tech. I finished my fix wing pilots license in 2017. I am a total aviation nerd and love all things about flying and planes. 

I met ALI and became a leathersmith apprentice in 2020 because i love the functionality and art of these products and being able to work with my hands on a rewarding hobby. 

The product I make is the radio straps for A.L.I.

Our radio straps are cut from 9-11mm burgundy or black latigo. We have found the extra hardware of a onesize fits all strap to be less comfortable so we make ours from a single 1.5in wide strip of leather.  That means they are non adjustable but should be the perfect fit so no adjustments are needed. Our straps are cutsom fit for each order.

Radio Straps – $85

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