Aggressive Leather Ink


Welcome to code 4 cusTOM leatherwork.  We use the term code 4 in my region as “we got it all handled.”  That’s how I like to think of my leather work, I got it handled,  I got you.  So, I started my fire service career in 1996, as a fire explorer, then as a seasonal firefighter wearing green and khaki for the state of California, and finally landing my dream spot as a career firefighter in 2000.  I got promoted in 2006 to an engineer and am still highly involved in training the next generation of engineers.  I’ve seen a lot of changes in the fire service with equipment, strategies, and tactics, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the tradition of having good quality leather goods.  I strive to make good handmade products that will hopefully last a career.  

I made my first axebelt with A.L.I. back in 2012 sitting around at the firehouse while trying to solve the world’s problems.  Along with axe belts we started making all sorts of other leather goods for ourselves.  Fast forward 10 years, I joined the team to not only make leather goods for myself, but for anyone interested in looking for beautiful and functional leather products.  The interactions I’ve had with all of you all over the world have exceeded my expectations of this leather journey of mine. Besides making leather goods for everyone, I’m first and foremost a family man, a foodie, and an avid golfer. It’s all about trying to find that balance physically and mentally. DM for any questions or if you want to just talk shop.   In the meantime, “Be aggressive, be humble, and most importantly be safe.”

Product Description: 

All my leather axe belts come from full 10-12 ounce cow hides that I personally strip myself. This is a tedious process, but I choose quality over quantity for each of my pieces that I make in my humble workshop.  All my other leather goods (glove straps, chin straps, name tags, valets, golf books, etc all come from whole hides as well.

Axe Belts – $250 

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